Interesting Dissertation Ideas On Musical Theatre: 10 Topics

Musical theatre was widely popular in previous centuries and is presently regaining its appeal in today’s entertainment arena. This sudden rise in popularity is quite possibly due this to the increase use of musical sampling in popular music and music lovers on their quest for high quality performances. Whatever the reason, music has always been a major part of human culture and it will, no doubt, continue to be so for as long as we exist.

The following list is a collection of research ideas that should make for an interesting dissertation on musical theatre:

  1. How are the pieces customarily chosen for performances usually viewed by the younger generations? Do composers pay any consideration to the changing desires of the general public or do they simply do what works?
  2. Many modern routines are used in the present day theatre and this has been known to offend traditional patrons. What is the reason for this divergence from traditional styles and what could it mean for the future of theatre?
  3. What are the most important steps involved in choreographing a successful performance script and track selection? What makes the difference between a successful director and an unsuccessful one?
  4. What is the main reason for the decrease in popularity of classical music performances? Will this type of art ever regain its former glory?
  5. What does the future hold for performing arts and what factors play the largest role in its direction? Should purposeful action be taken to preserves this art form or should we simply let nature takes its course?
  6. Most musical pieces are accompanied by dance routines. Should dancing also be considered part of musical expression or does it belong in a category on its own, despite the two forms of expression being dependent on each other in many ways?
  7. What are the most successful musicals in performance today and what are the reasons for their success?
  8. What are the major differences that exist between a musical festival and musical theatre? Is one to be considered of higher quality than the other or just different?
  9. Do modern day composers have any hope of being included in the list of great composers of all time, like Mozart and Beethoven? Could modern day music ever be considered in the same category as traditional classical pieces?
  10. How can traditional composers and choreographers hold true to the classical styles used in theatre while remaining relevant in an ever changing industry? Does it matter if performances no longer hold to previously used scripts?

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