Dissertation Topics In Advertising: 22 Fresh Examples

It is often tough for students to choose winning titles for their academic assignments. The situation gets even tougher when you have to select a valid topic for your dissertation. Dissertations are critical because the students can only qualify for their degrees if this project gets approved. If the official committee members do not approve of your ideas or do not find your topic interesting enough, then you may not qualify for your degree. It is therefore essential for students to pick winning topics that can help them create strong projects at the end

If you are wondering how to choose a strong dissertation topic in advertising, then you should consider the following ideas

Topics to consider for a dissertation in advertising

  1. How does amazon charge high prices and get away with it
  2. What are the loyalty schemes and how do they work
  3. What is relation marketing and traditional marketing
  4. Is customer loyalty effected by product quality always
  5. What are barriers to entry in a luxury good market
  6. Why do customers have polygamous behavior and how to deal with it
  7. How do people judge companies that advertise heavily on social media
  8. What percentage of your budget should be allocated to advertising
  9. Which form of advertising you should spend on the most
  10. How is electronic media different from print for advertising
  11. Why do advertisements exaggerate and is it fair
  12. How to appeal to pathos or logos through your brand promotion
  13. What is the most essential part of a successful marketing strategy
  14. Why is product availability important for maintaining the image
  15. Can image transfer between different industries
  16. Do customers understand and respect brand values
  17. How and why is innovation important for brands
  18. Companies that test products on animals face serious loss of customer loyalty and reputation
  19. How important is it for manufacturing businesses to do societal marketing or is it just a waste of money
  20. How does social class impact advertising campaigns? How do companies define their target audience based on income
  21. Is direct marketing a good tool for group marketing or only for individuals
  22. Is there any impact of family orientation on the brand and business

These are some interesting ideas you can consider if you wish to create a strong dissertation in advertising.

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