Helpful Tips On How To Create A Proposal For A Dissertation On Law

Time spent on creating the proposal for your law dissertation is a good investment. Not only will it help you to clarify your thesis statement, research, methodologies and discussion, it will help you to identify the works that you will need for your Literature Review.

The best tip at this stage is to clarify as much detail as you can. This will give the academic committee the opportunity to see that you have given your work a lot of thought. They will probably make a few suggestions that you can use for improvement but that is normal.

The elements that make up the proposal:

  • Introduction:
  • In this section you need to clearly state the issue that you are proposing to work on. You will also need to provide a reason as to why the work is significant enough to warrant the research that you propose.

    You will also need to include a preliminary hypothesis. Don't worry at this stage if the hypothesis seems a little wordy or clumsy, because as you progress you will find that you will be able to use words that are more appropriate.

  • The Literature Review:
  • This section needs to compliment the research question that your have sited in the Introduction. This is where you need to put the work you intend to do in the context of the current work (and that includes arguments and research) in this area.

    Highlight your knowledge by making reference to any unsolved questions that are related to your study. Illustrate how you would consider solving these questions and whether your study goes some way to providing a solution.

  • Methodology:
  • This is where you need to show that you have given thought to the sources that you will be using, and what methods and procedures that you will need to use in order to investigate your research question.

    Are there other works that have used the same methodologies? Were they effective? If so evaluate the usefulness if applied to your work. Highlight any other information or skills that you will need to carry out your work.

  • Provide an outline of the chapters:
  • This is a little bit like a cross between an abstract and a prĂ©cis of each chapter in your proposal. Not only does this offer the reader a concise picture of what is contained in each chapter, it will help clarify the work that you are going to undertake.

    Also by providing an outline of each chapter, it will break your project down into manageable sections that follow a logical and progressive order, that will help you when you are writing the full dissertation.

  • Bibliography:
  • At this stage you need only produce a preliminary Bibliography in other words make sure that you include all of the works that you have cited in the Literature Review Section. Make sure they are appropriately cited and referenced.

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