7 Elements Of A Strong Introduction For A Dissertation

You know quite well how important a dissertation is for your future career plans. This composition is going to decide whether or not you get that terminal degree. All parts are very important but the introduction stands out. This is the part of the dissertation which will convince the reader to continue on. A strong introduction for a dissertation is going to help you and here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. The Purpose. A good introduction explains briefly what is going to be explored in the following text. In two or three good sentences you will initiate interest in your work.
  2. Looking at the Background. The introduction is going to indicate that there is a gap in existing knowledge. The dissertation is going to provide the information necessary to advance knowledge. It will be stating the purpose of what you intend to do. The thesis statement is your position you made on the subject to be addressed. You can also use introduction to note all the points you intend to make.
  3. The Thesis Statement. This is going to be specific and will mention your main topic and your position. You will also be using the thesis statement to explain how you intend to organize the text.
  4. A General Statement. This simply gives back to the topic. It is not expected to be as detailed as the thesis statement.
  5. The Voice of the Introduction. Looking at the opening words you need to decide the voice, which could be a story or an anecdote or just a recitation of facts.
  6. Discuss Controversy. You can explain in the introduction that there is some dispute in the academic world over the subject you are addressing. This will emphasize the importance of the research you have done, and why your conclusions are well worth reading.
  7. Keep it a Reasonable Length. This is the introduction and is not the body of the dissertation. You have to be able to keep it to just a couple of paragraphs. That is going to take some editing on your part as organization but this part of the dissertation is critical.

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