Top 24 Unique Psychology Dissertation Ideas On Relationships

Writing a dissertation is fun as long as the subject is interesting for you. However, these assignments are critical and complicated. You cannot simply complete such a project within a few days. You have to write a lengthy word count keeping in mind appropriate structure, teacher instructions, originality of ideas, authenticated sources for data collection, planning and organization of tasks and the publication of your paper. This project is not only important for you to qualify for your degree but it will also count when you apply for jobs and appear in job interviews in the beginning of your career.

Psychology is a great subject to talk about and here are some interesting topics that you can pick to write about relationships. Many sites are available for students to give them new ideas if you think these are not enough

Topics for psychology paper on relationships

  1. Sex aversion or sexual dysfunction, how does it effect a relation
  2. How can people make stronger relations if they have trust issues
  3. What is the relationship between domestic violence and financial crisis
  4. Inability to stay aroused or be aroused can ruin your marriage
  5. Building relationships with people who are not your family
  6. Is there a natural attraction for blood relations? Why
  7. The part of the brain that deals with sensitivity, love and relations
  8. People who confuse relations suffer from a disorder
  9. Teaching our children to value relationships is important in their young age
  10. People who live in isolation suffer from depression, anxiety and physical diseases
  11. Body image can affect the confidence in a relationship
  12. Lack of self-assessment and the blame game theory
  13. Therapy for married couples may even work for siblings
  14. People with social phobia actually need reliable relationships
  15. The impact of having dual personality disorder on those around the patient
  16. Finances and marriage
  17. Love should be the prime reason to marry
  18. Failed abortion and the impact on born child
  19. The psychological impact of having more than a few children on the father
  20. Forcing a relationship for your self-satisfaction
  21. How guilt and blame can destroy friendships
  22. Ineffective communication in a relationship
  23. Being honest and being rude- the actual difference
  24. How do children with separated parents look at marriage and relationships in their practical lives

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