Inventing Outstanding Dissertation Ideas On 911

This article shows you how you can invent outstanding dissertation ideas on 911. It also guides you on a suggested presentation and what aspects could be included in your final essay. A process of theoretical and practical research will improve how you present your original idea.

Note that the emphasis is on the invention. While you are given creative license to produce a unique document on emergency rescue services make sure that you have substantiated your findings and immersed yourself in a productive process of fact-checking and annotating your sources (if this is possible).

  • Counter popular perceptions of the significance of the number
  • Why not try and investigate why this is a universally and widely used number for calling for help. Also, you could do a study on the national concept of ‘ground zero’ and where that term originated. If you live in or near the City of New York, you could combine internet research on that momentous day by paying a visit to the different departments which were directly involved in the rescue work that took place that day.

  • Theoretical studies
  • Reading and research work is important if you want to give an accurate and well-thought through dissertation presentation. The work of research will be invigorating because you are not going to be confined to a library or your computer terminal. You will be out there doing on-site research. Ask well before the proposed time whether you can accompany rescue teams on their calls. While some parties may be reluctant to accept your request, others may appreciate your bravery and allow you to go with them.

  • Understudies
  • Visit different departments. You could write a broad overview of the different emergency rescue services departments who specifically respond to the 911 call for help. Try to make your work as unique as possible by observing and interviewing at least one field worker from each department.

  • Practical guides
  • You could also recreate emergency rescue services in your own words. How far you have been prepared to go with your research and field work will be indicative of how authoritative your own guide on how to utilize these services will be.

  • Be a hero
  • Better still, why don’t you volunteer? This may be the best idea yet. Not only will you be on the job, if you will, but the emergency rescue service department you sign up with also have to provide you with intensive training before you can be of any responsible help to them. This will place you at an advantage when you need to complete your paper. You will have both knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

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