Psychology Dissertation Writing Guide: 5 Golden Rules

Writing a dissertation takes a lot of work. You have a millions things to do before you can complete it. Before I tell you the five golden rules to write a great paper, you first have to know a few things. The first is that you have to make sure you have your topic and you can do the research on said topic. You also want to make sure that you have all of the information about the format and how your advisors want you to execute the paper. You don’t want to do it wrong the first time and start all over again. And as always with any assignment that you are going to complete, you want to start it as early as possible so you have enough time and effort to put into write a great dissertation. Okay, now we can get onto the golden rules that you should use to write your psychology paper.

5 Golden Rules

  • You want the objective to be clear and it has to be based on the question that you are going to answer in your paper. This means it has to be well researched and planned.
  • You have to show the advisors and committee that you have a great grasp on the concept of the topic and that you can apply it to the work that you have done for your paper.
  • You want to include a discussion, analysis, and critical evaluation of the topic, not just a description of what you researched.
  • Make sure all of the references that you used for the paper are consistent with your topic and are correct ones to use for the paper. And they should all be structured and expressed in the text in the most appropriate academic way possible.
  • Show everyone that has worked on this with you that you have learned something over the course of your research and studying with him or her. And make sure that it is well argued and complete.

A dissertation doesn’t have to be difficult and if you use all of these golden rules to help your write yours, you will be able to complete it in no time and it will be a well-written piece that you will be grateful to have completed. And you will also be able to impress all of your fellow classmates and peers with it.

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