Writing A Fine Art Dissertation: Title Examples For Students

If you are an art major, then it is likely that you will have to write a fine art dissertation to earn your degree. Regardless of how simple or difficult you find the actual paper, writing the title may be a challenge for some. The reason for this is that a fine art dissertation title has to sum up your entire paper without being too lengthy. Here are some guidelines for writing your title, as well as title examples to help you get on the right track.

  • Two Parts to Your Title
  • The first part of your fine art dissertation title is the name of your paper. This should be a broad, descriptive few words that sum up your paper. You will follow this by a semicolon. Then, you are going to write a brief sentence that goes into additional detail about your dissertation. If this seems confusing, check out the examples toward the end of this article.

  • Good Guidelines
  • Your fine art dissertation should be a study of something, whether it is a comparison of two artists in the same period, the way art has evolved in a country, or an evaluation of a certain artist’s work. For this reason, you will likely have an artist’s name, time period, country, or span of several years included in your title.

  • Title Examples
  • These titles are similar to some of the ideas discussed by previous students at various fine arts colleges. To truly make your dissertation your own, be sure that you choose a topic that is both unique from dissertation of previous years and interesting to you.

  1. Re-envisioning Everyday Spaces: Photorealism in New York City
  2. Networked Collectivities: North American Artists’ Groups, 1978-1988
  3. Image and Community: The Representation of Military Saints in Medieval Times
  4. Making Movement Count: The Curation of Dance at the Museum of Modern Art
  5. Rites of Passage: An Analysis of Art Showing Birth, Bullfighting, and More
  6. A Measure of Grace: 16th to 19th Century Tsars in Art
  7. Vincent Van Gogh: An Analysis of His Styles Over His Life
  8. Surrealism in the Art of Victor Hugo: Automatism, Phantom Drawings, and the Occult
  9. Form as Content: Critique on the Institution through the Minimalist Cube from 1960 to 1969

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