Useful Tips On How To Write A Dissertation Proposal In Accounting

To become an accountant is not easy, and you can notice way in your courses. You need to have a very clear mind and be able to make calculus in your mind in just a few seconds. That is why many students feel overwhelmed when they have to create their dissertation on this theme; they simply can’t find the right way to do it. Before you move on with your project, you have to write the proposal and present it to your teachers. Here is how you can make sure that it will be accepted:

  • Don’t talk about numbers. It’s true that you make a thesis in Accounting, but your professors already know the numbers that you want to present. What you have to do is to transform these numbers into smart sentences that will make them understand how important this issue is.
  • Motivate your choice. You are working on your dissertation under a supervisor, so he can give you some advice on how to do this. You will have to write in your proposal why did you choose this topic and what are you hoping to prove. It’s not enough to say that it seemed interesting or that you were always attracted to this. You have to bring something new, something that no student thought about before. This will make them approve your project with confidence.
  • Discuss about the research. A big part of your work will consist from research and experiments, so this can’t be neglected when you present your ideas. Every student can search for information on the Internet, so this is not what they want to hear. They want to see you thinking out of the box, so can you do anything that will prove your thesis out of the ordinary?
  • Explain the benefits. If everything goes well, they will ask you what benefits the humanity will get from your thesis. Here you have to be creative and understand fully what you write about. If you think that you found a new way to calculate the profits for example, you can think about the impact that this will over small and medium companies. They will see the opportunity in this and they will understand that you are ready to make a change, not only to take a big grade and impress them.

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