A List Of 15 Thesis Topics That Can Help You Impress The Committee

Your committee will be looking for a thesis topic that is both original and contributory. Therefore, we have come up with 15 excellent topic suggestions which you are free to use as your own. These will not be able to sell, and you are sure to get hearty approval from everyone involved.

Global warming topics:

Global warming is a topic that many people are concerned about. If you show your committee that you are concerned too, they are sure to give you the thumbs up. Here are some ideas.

Corporate responsibility amidst global warming

  • A call for celebrity involvement to confront the problem of climate change
  • Focusing on the polar bear and how global warming affects the species
  • The importance of green home strategies
  • Exploring 5 everyday items that can be reinvented to accommodate climate change

Social discrimination topics:

Many people are dead set against racial discrimination. There are many areas of this subject that need exploring—some of which are listed here.

  • Using the motion picture industry to fight racism
  • Exploring the silent genocide of white South Africans
  • Racism in America: Areas that have not yet been addressed where racism still breeds
  • African leaders that still resent white colonialism: Where to from here?
  • Xenophobia in Africa: An age old tribal war that never really ended

Religious harmony topics:

Religion has resulted in more wars than any other reason. As a society, people are becoming more and more aware of this historic fact and are trying to enforce stronger rights to freedom of religion. Though it may be a sensitive topic, those often make the best theses.

  • Recognizing the right to not believe in Darwinian evolution
  • How freedom of religion would end more than half the wars across the world
  • Is atheism a new religion or simply the absence of religion?
  • Faith or apologetics: What would happen if the five most popular religions discussed their views?
  • Where to draw the line at acceptance: Should we try to convince people to convert to another religion?

Choose one of these topics and your committee members are sure to see that you are concerned about real issues. They will also appreciate that you are willing to contribute to the solutions of these problems.

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