A List Of 15 Neurology Dissertation Topic Ideas For Graduate Students

After years of hard work, you are now ready to start your dissertation on Neurology but what topic should you do? This is not an easy question to answer, but this list will give you some ideas on what topic you can choose or, at least, give you some ideas on what subject you can cover.

15 Neurology Dissertation Topic Ideas

  • Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries – With the new light that has been shed on the effects of brain injuries due to accident or sports players, this could be a great topic.
  • The Effects of Different Drugs on the Brain – The pharmaceutical market is huge but what is the effect that some of these drugs have on your brain?
  • Personality Traits and the Effect of Antidepressants – Antidepressants are high prescribed but are the helping or hurting the patient’s brain?
  • Multiple Sclerosis – MS is becoming more common but what is the best treatment for the brain for people with this disease?
  • A Study on Epilepsy – This kind of paper can be written for children or adults, and you can look at the treatments and how this kind of medical condition affects the brain.
  • Myasthenia Gravis – Talk about the diagnosis and treatment and the effects on the brain.
  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
  • Optic Neuritis – Which has to do with your eyes that are controlled by your brain.
  • Migraines – While these are very common, there is a long list of different causes and treatments used vary from person to person.
  • Parkinson disease – This disease is widely publicized, but you can do your research and find something interesting to study on the subject.
  • Ischemic Stroke – The study and treatment of this medical condition could be a topic you could cover, and you could even research the new treatments.
  • Dementia in Younger Adults – It is not uncommon for some younger adults to be diagnosed with this disease but they might be something underlying that is causing it.
  • Psychologies of Neurology – There are many mental disorders out there, and you can pick a specific one and show how it affects the brain.
  • Cannabinoids – Marijuana is a hot topic right now, and your dissertation could show how cannabinoids affect the brain in a good way or bad.
  • Pick a Neurological Disorder – Give an in-depth look at one of these disorders and examine the treatments and diagnosis of them.

Using one of these topics for your neurology research will help you get an idea of what interests you as you complete your degree.

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