Advertising Dissertation Ideas: Top 23 Topics To Explore

Writing about advertising is a useful experience. This is your chance to understand how this business operates and what strategies it applies. In your dissertation, you may explore any area of the industry you like. You may do research on the basics of advertising and learn its traditional characteristics. You may also dig deeper into new techniques that are developing fast these days. Whatever path you choose, make sure that your dissertation topic is unique and specific and that it is interesting for both you and your advisor. Here is a list of great topic ideas to inspire you and help you make a right choice:

  1. Advertising on the Internet: what are the peculiarities of online ads and how do they differ from traditional advertisements?
  2. Neuro-linguistic programming in modern advertisements: how effective is this method?
  3. Gender in advertising: how do ads differ depending on the gender they are aimed at?
  4. Patriotism in advertising: how effective is the strategy of appealing to the customers’ patriotic feelings?
  5. Psychological impact of advertisements on children: why do babies and toddlers love to watch ads?
  6. Advertising in politics: what are the features of a good political advertisement?
  7. Advertising and mentality: how is the same product advertised in different countries?
  8. Evolution of stereotypes in advertising: how do the images in advertisements (e.g. women or families) change to adjust to existing standards?
  9. The most effective marketing strategies of nowadays: why do they work?
  10. Language of advertising: what linguistic and stylistic tools are commonly used in advertising texts?
  11. Advertising in business: is it possible to run a successful business without promotion?
  12. Art in advertising: what art is used in advertisements and why?
  13. Market research and advertising: how do these fields interrelate?
  14. Short advertisements: are they effective?
  15. Advertisements in podcasts: how do they differ from traditional ads?
  16. Psychological techniques in advertising: what techniques are used to appeal to emotions and make people buy?
  17. Censorship in advertising: what kinds of advertisements should be censored and why?
  18. Advertisements on social networking sites: how effective is banner advertising on different social networks?
  19. Successful advertisements: how are they created?
  20. International advertising: why should it be controlled?
  21. Comparison advertising: in what industries is it usually applied and why?
  22. Taboos in advertising: what issues are commonly avoided to mention in advertisements and why?
  23. Sexuality in advertising: how is sexuality used to sell products in men’s magazines?

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