7 Things To Know About The Legal Dissertation Format

This article offers guidance in the format of legal dissertation, or in other words, your Postgraduate paper in Law. Just like any paper, there are basic elements that are complemented with unique parts. All of the elements are related one to another and you should go step by step without skipping any of the elements. Prior start writing the paper you should:

Think and research

This is where every paper starts. Think of a topic in the field you are interested in before you do anything. Talk with peers, thinking about the field and consider the path of the field you are most interested in. After this, it is time to start researching the area you are interested in in order to choose a topic. Do a research and think carefully about the most suitable topic for your dissertation.

Write an outline

Start writing your paper from the outline, so that later you would know what to include and what to leave out in the paper.

Usually every university has different structures to follow when it comes to dissertation. However, there is one general format for all papers. There are seven things you need to know about the format of a Law paper. They are listed below:

  1. Introduction - This is the part where you highlight the objectives of the paper and put forward everything that the reader must know to continue reading the paper. Also, this is the part to state your thesis statement.
  2. Methodology and literature – Write down everything you’ve used and all the methods and research you are going to do in order to defend your thesis. Also, you summarize all the arguments that are already mentioned.
  3. Evidence - Develop the evidence in separate chapters selecting it according to the level of importance. Include only relevant information. Do not bother to mention something irrelevant. That would confuse readers.
  4. Lack of sleep – You will suffer from this during the period of writing your academic paper. Do not expect to finish the paper in Law immediately. It will take weeks, months, and if you leave for later, it might take years to finish it.
  5. Dedication – You need dedication throughout the whole work in order to get a good mark. Only if you are interested in the topic you will be dedicated to your paper.
  6. Clarity with facts and details – Relevant things mentioned in the paper should be clearly stated and supported with facts.
  7. Conclusion – Restate the thesis statement and list the relevant facts in your dissertation.

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