How To Cite A Dissertation In APA Style – Ten Basic Rules

The rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association requires both in-text citations and reference list to be clear on citations are placed within paragraphs and sentences. To make clear the information being quoted or paraphrased. It tells whose information is being cited. This article will explain how to cite a dissertation in APA style-ten basic rules.

  1. One author is cited last name of author, and year of publication. More than one author is joined by “and”. If there are more than three authors, use commas to separate names. The surname, then “et al” which is Latin meaning “and others.”
  2. Corporations are spelled out first time in paper and are abbreviated all the times after that time.
  3. When there is no author at all – use the two words in the beginning of the work, title, and year of publication.
  4. When the work is done by anonymous authors it is written “anonymous, year. Page numbers are abbreviated with a P that is located after name and year published.
  5. The reference list is very important. It gives the reader all the necessary information on where the information was located. It also gives the authors name and timelines of the work. It is written in the order of the alphabet for the author’s last name. Initials of all other authors of the same work. Use the ampersand symbol instead of “and.” For the title: The first letter of the first word should be capitalized.
  6. Pagination-abbreviate pp or p.
  7. Indentation-Use the margin on the left to line the first line with. All others indented (5-7) spaces.
  8. Italics or Underlining – Underlining should not be used and italics are preferred
  9. Citation for published dissertation should use only the most recent edition or manual.
  10. You should know if the dissertation is published or unpublished. This is done by checking database or calling Pro-quest. These and all the other rules and regulations are important to know first-hand when writing the heavier style papers. There is too much weighing on your advancement in your education. Do not take these things lightly the professors and committees look at these formats as the only way to see if the student really takes the work serious. There is nothing too small when it comes to a comma or abbreviation. Take your work seriously, but have fun doing it.

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