A Collection Of Good Dissertation Topics On Business Intelligence

Writing a dissertation on business intelligence will be an interesting and useful experience for those who want to develop and work in the field. You are given a great opportunity to increase your knowledge on the subject and test any of your hypotheses. However, don’t doom this opportunity by picking a wrong topic for your paper.

How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Dissertation

  • Consider your interests.
  • Give preference to the topics you are truly passionate about. Are you interested in the application of business intelligence in a particular area? Do you want to learn how business intelligence is different from business analytics? Make a right choice and you’ll definitely enjoy the research and writing process.

  • Set limits.
  • Set limits to avoid the risks of coming up with the topic that is too broad. For example, you may focus on the implementation of business intelligence in a particular organization or compare a specific BI strategy in two particular countries.

  • Check if the topic is manageable.
  • Conduct preliminary research on the topic you are prone to. There should be enough materials to refer to. Moreover, you should be competent enough to do quality research. If you are satisfied with available sources and feel confident that you can explore the research question in depth, your choice of the topic is successful.

Prospective Dissertation Topics on Business Intelligence

  1. Challenges of business intelligence education: why do the graduates of BI programs don’t develop all the necessary skills in the field and what changes should be introduced to improve the situation?
  2. Censorship and business intelligence: how common is censorship in organizations and how does it affect business intelligence as a whole?
  3. Organization, centralization, decentralization, or automation of business intelligence: what are the benefits and drawbacks of each approach and what are the optimal situations for using each of them?
  4. Business intelligence and corporate crime management: which BI strategies are effective and which ones are useless at reducing crime rates?
  5. Fighting global crisis: how is business intelligence applied to prevent and manage any associated risks?
  6. What is the role of business intelligence in the value creation policy of a particular company?
  7. Business intelligence and customer satisfaction: how can BI be used to improve the efficiency of the customer feedback management?
  8. Feelings versus facts: how important are the insights into sentiment analysis for business intelligence?
  9. Business intelligence getting mobile: can existing BI mobile apps be efficiently implemented nowadays and what features should a perfect BI mobile app adopt?
  10. Use of consumers’ cell data in business intelligence: how is the information utilized?

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