16 Unique Suggestions For A Risk Management Dissertation Topic

If you are taking a course in risk management or a related course, you will need to write a dissertation from time to time. When this time presents itself, you will need to make sure that you have the right ideas to help you write a really good dissertation. The following are some simple ideas that you can think about the next time you have this task to work on:

  1. Describe the context of the risk management process
  2. Having been appointed risk manager in a company that is on the brink of destruction, describe how you would go about restoring it to glory, while safeguarding the vested interests of different stakeholders
  3. Discuss the need for hotel risk management in a situation where the industry is reliant on tourism
  4. Discuss the role of an IT manager in as far as managing risk is concerned
  5. Discuss how a small business owner would partake to manage risk in their business
  6. Cite some challenges and similarities in management of risk between a sole proprietorship and a large corporation
  7. Discuss some of the legal ramifications of not having an appropriate risk management strategy in place
  8. What are some of the steps that hospitals take to ensure that they manage risks against lawsuits in terms of risk management?
  9. Discuss some of the major theoretical milestones in management of risk in information security
  10. Describe what you would consider the biggest risk you have ever taken, and explain how you handled the situation perfectly
  11. Explain the implication of risk management to an insurance company, highlighting the main reasons why the insurers normally spend a lot of resources on this
  12. Discuss some of the benefits of risk management in business. Highlight a major corporation that failed in its risk management strategies, and the challenges that they faced therefrom.
  13. Discuss any perceptions that the public have on risk management strategies, and how these affect the performance of the institutions that apply them
  14. What are some of the policies that institutions can put in place as a risk management measure when hiring new employees?
  15. How effective is risk management in the institution when practiced by individuals who have no experience in risk management?
  16. Discuss how information systems can be used to implement appropriate risk management techniques in the organization.

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