List Of Interesting Education Dissertation Ideas For University

To graduate from an master's or undergraduate program, students will generally need to complete a dissertation. When it comes to the field of education, there are many potential ideas that can be interesting and engaging for the student. To make this research paper easier to write, students should pick a dissertation topic that they are actually interested in. By choosing an interesting topic, students can make the time spent researching and writing their essay a little more enjoyable.

Interesting Education Dissertation Ideas for University Students

  1. Are students who attend preschool better equipped intellectually and socially than their peers who have not gone to preschool?
  2. How do tests like the ACT or SAT encourage the gap between the wealthy and the economically disadvantaged classes?
  3. Should students be taught about environmental conservation and green living in elementary school?
  4. What was the impact of desegregating schools on the achievement of students?
  5. Should medical schooling be provided for free to doctors who are willing to work in disadvantaged areas?
  6. Is the Montessori method the best way to educate preschool students?
  7. Should standardized testing be included in school curricula? What are the positive and negative impacts of standardized testing?
  8. Should high schools adopt more apprenticeship and technical schooling options? Should all high school students be required to focus on primarily academic subjects, or should some students be allowed to take technical classes instead?
  9. How do students compare between a country that requires preschool education and a country that does not?
  10. Have elementary schools improved over the last few decades?
  11. What are the impacts of free universal education on society and the economy?
  12. Should preschool education focus on developing character and social skills or should it focus on areas like math, reading and language?
  13. Does math need to be taught through calculus or trigonometry in high school, or can math classes be reduced to basic math and pre-algebra?
  14. How can schools teach about world religions without offending religious students or violating the constitutional right to freedom from religion?
  15. Do online colleges and universities offer the same quality of education as a traditional, brick-and-mortar school?
  16. Since technology is a common requirement in the workforce, should students be required to take more computers, typing and digital communication classes?
  17. With a shortage of workers in fields like science, technology, engineering and math, what can the education system do to encourage more students to study these fields? Would providing free degrees in just the STEM fields be an effective way to encourage more students to enter these academic subjects?

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