Advice On How To Set Up A Strong Dissertation Writing Plan

Do you wish to create a dissertation writing plan before you being your work? That is a very good idea as making this preparation is a sure way to increase the end grade. However, if you have never created such a plan before then it can be a little tricky trying to understand the different steps that must be taken in order to do so. For some guidance on creating a workable dissertation writing plan take a look at the suggestions below:

  • Organize it in bullet point form
  • It makes sense to organize the plan in bullet point form so that you can access the different parts of it in a very easy manner. Each point should give some kind of insight into what must be done in order to achieve the end result. Try to keep the bullet points as short as possible so that they are easy to read.

  • Do the research first
  • It is a great idea to complete the research phase first before you create the writing plan. that because a lot will depend on the type of info you have gathered, and you cannot really know what your project will look like before you have all the info laid out in front of you.

    There are plenty of places where you can carry out the info gathering, and that should be your focus – where to get all the required info. Furthermore, keep in mind that you need to reveal your sources of information so that you can create the citation section. This is required so that the examiner can take a peek at where you have gathered your information from.

  • Don’t spend too long on the plan
  • Understand that the plan is one thing, but writing the content is another. It might be the case that as you begin to write new ideas will spring up in your mind ad you’ll have to change your plan of attack.

So get writing as long as you can and do not dwell on the plan for too long. The more time you spend on the plan the less time you have to work on the actual project itself. It would be a disaster if you run out of time to work on the project.

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