A List Of Great English Literature Dissertation Topics On Jane Eyre

Set in northern England, around the turn of the 19th century, this first person narrative of Jane Eyre describes her life from when she was a little girl all the way to adulthood. Some critics argue that because of the way the book was written, it can be hard to formulate an opinion about the novel without supporting her point of view.

When trying to find topic ideas for your dissertation, you should be careful to select a good one. Keep the tips below in mind as you start your search.

  • Make sure it interests you
  • Writing boring papers takes forever and at the end you feel mentally exhausted. If you only select ideas that fascinate you you will work harder and be pleased with your outcome at the end of it.

  • Pick something thought-provoking
  • You want to choose one that not only interests you, but is able to keep readers riveted as well. In the end you have to consider your dissertation and the maintenance of your GPA.

  • Pick something you can complete in time
  • It’s all well and good to reach for the stars but if you already don’t have much time you will find yourself disappointed at the end of your allotted time when the work is incomplete.

The following is a list of interesting literature dissertation topics on Jane Eyre for your consideration:

  1. How do supernatural phenomena affect the happenings at Ferndean and the other places Jane has called home?
  2. What are the main models of feminine behavior seen throughout the novel?
  3. Making a case for choosing St. John over Rochester
  4. How did the Bronte sisters upbringing influence their novels?
  5. What does the character of Richard Mason reveal about social class in the novel?
  6. How are the characters of Aunt and Uncle Reed used to advance the plot?
  7. How does Helen Burns exemplify Christianity as opposed to Brocklehurst?
  8. Why is Bessie Lee’s story not given more attention in the plot?
  9. Should Rochester have Divorced Bertha under false pretenses?
  10. Does the story of Antoinette Cosway provide a reasonable back story for Bertha’s madness?

This literary classic has had a huge impact on all other books in the genre that followed it. You can, of course, find other topics or come up with them yourself if these are not your cup of tea.

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