Quick Tips For Creating A History Dissertation Bibliography


In many forms of writing, it may be necessary for you to cite sources of information that helped you come up with content. The bibliography indicated under a certain dissertation determines the likelihood of a reader going through your writing or not. While some sources of information are reliable and give readers the confidence of reading your content, others cannot be counted on. The following are some ideas of getting history dissertation bibliographies.

  1. Professor publications
  2. Most readers have a common belief that professors are perfect beings that can hardly make mistakes. Additionally, they also believe that a professor knows everything that there is to know about things. Therefore, referencing professor's publications, PhD dissertations and so on make your content highly reliable by readers.

  3. Referencing of web pages
  4. People have a common notion that Google knows everything in this world. Therefore, they tend to so much believe in web page content. Even better, since it is so easy to confirm whether information in the history dissertation is in the quotes website, this makes your work reliable by many readers. Readers tend to gain confidence in a certain content in case they find some truth in it.

  5. Quoting lectures for reference
  6. In history dissertations, you may quote an oral lecture by certain professors on a certain day. Since so many people believe in the lecturers and professors, odds are that they will believe your dissertation content for that one reason. Additionally, in case a person who was in the lecture at the time the publication sites, they will also influence others to believing your content. Consequently, those people who were present at the time of lecture feel part and parcel of the research work. A lecture is referenced as follows:

    Barker, G .1996 (7th October) The Archaeology of Europe, Lecture 1. The University of Leicester

  7. Journal articles reference
  8. Besides published books by professors, readers also tend to believe Journal articles especially when they are written by reliable authors. Therefore, including such for a source of content for your dissertation is a correct way to go. It makes the content you have written in your dissertation worth believing by many readers.


It is wise for you to know the correct style for citing all your references starting from a published book, web pages, lectures, journals as well as e- books. This makes your dissertation content to be worth reliance by many readers. If you are seeking for a site to obtain your history bibliography from, we recommend this site

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