In Search Of An Excellent Dissertation Example In The APA Style

It is quite easy to find any number of sources, particularly online, which will provide you with the salient points as far as finding an excellent example of an excellent dissertation presented using the APA style format. There are two important aspects of your search.

  • The example needs to have followed the rules of the APA style
  • the example needs to be an excellent dissertation

You are doing two things in this case. In looking for an excellent example of the dissertation you are seeking samples which follow the requirements of the APA style. Then to the writing itself. The actual writing of the dissertation must be first class so you can benefit from reading it and even copying the principles and structure of the work.

Where will you find such examples?

There are a number of places where you can look. The most obvious is online and if you use your search engine with the appropriate words involving APA style dissertation then you will be overwhelmed with the number of samples provided. And herein lies a trap for young players.

The key word in your search is excellent. Finding a dissertation which is given a low mark or score is not going to help you in creating your own dissertation. Of course any well-written dissertation correctly following the APA style will be of benefit but the ideal example will be one on a topic related to that which you are writing about. So you could keep that in mind when putting words into the search engine -- you want a specific topic as far as the dissertation examples are concerned.

And you must always consider your school or college. Your teachers who taught you and certainly the librarians in your educational institution may well have access to outstanding dissertation examples. Access to such examples is easy and free. Of course looking far and wide is a good idea but neglect your own backyard.

And do not forget of course that fellow students and obviously those who have already prepared a dissertation may well have outstanding examples of just what you're looking for. Make your search both local and widespread but do yourself a favour and let your fingers do the walking. Too many students rush around in their search forgetting that planning in searching is just as important as in writing.

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