Quick Tips On How To Write Acknowledgments For A Dissertation

Acknowledgments are simply a thank you message for everyone who helped you during your course study. It's a sign of gratification to all those who you partnered with during the research period, those who gave suggestions and the rest of the team.


The three most common elements of your acknowledgment are:

  • The reflective style
  • The reflective style entails your thesis journey. It explains how you began this journey, the ups and downs you faced and how you faced each obstacle. It's usually written in one paragraph.

  • The thanking style
  • As the name suggests, it involves giving thanks to all who were part of your thesis journey. They may include people example your instructors, colleagues or organizations. You also need to include the roles played by each. Note: different projects have different sources of information. Therefore, your thanking list should not necessarily be similar to that of another person. Though it is good to acknowledge everyone and everything they have done, it's not necessary to mention even the smallest things.

  • The announcing style
  • The announcing paragraph involves giving your dedications to important people in your lives. This part is mostly dedicated to family members. You also include your acceptance for undertaking the journey as well as the responsibilities entitled to you.


Your thesis gratification message is supposed to be written on its own page. How you format your page wholly depends on you. However, the title should always be centrally aligned on a page and all sides should have an equal margin. It should be before the table of content but after the copyright page. You can also place it at the end of your thesis but before your references.

Writing tips

The above three styles need to be written in proper and grammatical phrases. This will help you to deeply show your appreciation for the great assistance and support to the involved people. Your tone should be both friendly and formal. Below are some of the few phrases you may choose to use:

  • I am grateful...
  • I would like to show my sincere gratitude to....
  • It is my pleasure to thank...
  • This work would not have been possible were it not for...

As you write down your gratification message, avoid been hateful. In other words, do not mention someone who did something to upset you or one who misdirected you. Be very formal and avoid any slang language.

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